Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aftermath of Sandy in Greenwich Village, NY

Broadway by Union Square. Usually brightly-lit buildings are dark. Only the Metlife building off in the distance is lit.
Utility trucks from Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, etc. waiting for assignments in Union Square

Greenwich Village in the dark. New York University has it's own generator and some of it's buildings kept power throughout the week.

More light from NYU

Normally busy 8th Street, deserted.

A skylight lifted off a building and hurled into the street.

This old building, apparently an illegal hotel, had the facade fall off.

The Meatpacking District

Utility truck from Dominion of Virginia

Lines for free ice.
Impromptu Sandy message board
Solar power cellphone charging at the Flatiron.
Police investigating an overnight bank robbery next to the Museum of Sex

Chase Bank setting up a mobile ATM cash machine.

Free phone charging.

For several nights we had no restaurants, clubs, TV or internet. This was a typical night.

This is just a small record of Hurricane Sandy's effects in my
neighborhood of Greenwich Village, NY in late October to Early
December 2012. Nothing dramatic - just a microcosm of New York after
the storm. Click on photos for larger versions.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eve to Adam Bowery Ballroom January 7 2011

Eve to Adam, Bowery Ballroom, January 7 2011. Click on photos for
larger versions.